Musical Rumpus – Catch a Sea Star

By January 12, 2017Uncategorized

On Wednesday 9th November Musical Rumpus visited Gallions Primary School.  Musical Rumpus is run by Spitalfields Music and is an award-winning, interactive, multi-sensory opera adventure for babies aged 0-2.5 years and their parents. The performance took place in the main hall. Twenty five babies and their parents/ carers went on a journey with Lyra and her dog, discovering a magical underwater kingdom. The music (from J.S. Bach’s ‘Coffee’ ‘Peasant’ and hunting’ Cantatas) was both sublime to listen to and made accessible for everyone in the room. Musical Rumpus engages children through sights, sounds and textures, aiding their creative, physical and emotional development. The children were encouraged to enter the play-area throughout the performance and there were lots of opportunities for parents to join in the music making as well. Alongside parents with older children at the school and local young families, some Gallions staff on maternity leave brought their babies along. Experiences like Musical Rumpus help to encourage parent-child bonding and research shows that exposure to live music supports the cognitive and social development of very young children. We hope to host another performance in 2017.