Gallions Summer Concert 2019

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On Thursday 4th July Gallions held their annual Summer Music Concert. As usual the show was opened by our senior choir who performed renditions of “Can’t stop the feeling” and “Water come a me eye” using a range of percussion instruments and some of the singers using body percussion techniques to add to the performance.

The Junior Orchestra then took over with two fine performances. The juniors have been outstanding all year and signed off with a really superb performance. The Y4s are going to bring a lot to the senior orchestra next year and no doubt the Y3’s will take the lead and continue to push the junior orchestra forward.

Bass Attack continued their good form this year taking on one of my personal favourite pieces from last year’s senior orchestra. Given that Bass Attack consists of junior students they did a cracking job performing brilliantly.

We then had two solo performances from two of our leading Y6 players who have consistently been the top instrumentalists of the year group. We wanted to give them a platform to shine one last time before leaving the school. They did not disappoint.

Our Junior choir stepped up to give the audience some laughs with some of their dance moves, but also so much joy when watching and listening to the children sing beautifully.

The Senior Orchestra closed the show with a surprise farewell to Orchestra’s conductor Dan James who is leaving Gallions after 12 years at the school. The surprise saw members of the teaching staff and children that had been taught by Dan rising to their feet in the crowd to sing a song alongside the orchestra especially written by the children for him. After composing himself Dan went onto lead the orchestra one final time and close what was another wonderful Gallions concert.

Beckton Orchard Opening June 2019

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In April 2019, Trees for Cities and the London Borough of Newham planted a 20-fruit tree orchard in New Beckton Park, with 226 local adults and children. There was a celebratory event for the public and local schools on Friday 28th June, to mark the official opening of the orchard.

Gallions were invited to perform at the opening and we brought our Y1 & Y2 afterschool singing club. Led by Miss Kamara the children performed a selection of songs to locals, parents and Children from North Beckton Primary School. The children were brilliant and it was a great opportunity to go out and perform in the community.


New Vision Trust MAT Festival of Singing 2019

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Earlier in the year the music leads from the 4 schools that make up the New Vision Multi Academy Trust (MAT) that Gallions are part of began planning a concert that would bring the choirs from the 4 schools together for one very grand performance.

The event took place on Thursday 4th May at Nelson Primary School where their large hall, stage and lighting set up made it the ideal venue for the performance.

The children arrived in the afternoon where they took part in a big vocal warm up with music teachers from each school leading different exercises. The children then had a full run through before heading to the hall for the performance.

Each school performed a song on their own before all coming together to perform 4 songs as a powerful ensemble. It was quite a moment with the voices of all four schools coming together to show the power of singing. There was a good crowd of parents to watch including a handful of our parents who had made the trip.

We were the only choir to perform accapella and our choir lead Emma did a great job in showing elements of the Kodaly methods of music education that our provision is built on. It was a great experience for our children to visit another school and perform on a different stage. They did the school very proud.

Gallions Spring Music Concert 2019

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We held the Gallions Spring Music concert in the main hall on Friday March 29th. Just fewer than 100 children took part in performances for a big crowd of friends, family and staff. The audience enjoyed performances from our Senior and Junior Choirs, our Y4 Handel Violin Group and Y6 Handel Cello group and our Y3 & 4 Cello & Double Bass ensemble BASS ATTACK! We also saw the debut of Gallions first String quartet featuring three Violins and a Cello sounding quite wonderful.

The Junior Orchestra premiered a new composition from Composer Stephen Chadwick who will be working with Gallions more as our first composer in residence. The piece arguably generated the largest ovation of the afternoon.

We closed the show as always with two fine pieces from our Senior Orchestra who are really beginning to shape up nicely as we enter the final term.

The Music Team once again did an incredible job putting together an wonderful display of our children’s musical brilliance.

Boys Only Vocal Workshop

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For the last 5 months Living Voice have been running vocal workshops at Beckton Globe Library for boys aged 10 – 18, or 10 – 16. The aim is to create a space where boys can feel empowered, connected, safe, grow in confidence and enjoy a wide range of music making and performing opportunities.

A number of our boys have been attending the workshop and really enjoying themselves. To showcase what the boys had achieved so far we held a special workshop for all the boys in Y5 & 6 to come together. The year groups engaged in vocal warm up activities and watched as some of their classmates stepped forward and performed some of the pieces they have been learning. They ended singing a rendition of “Something inside so strong.” You can have a listen to a snippet below; it is both inspiring and powerful.

The Boys Only Workshops run every Wednesday 3:30-5:00 at the Beckton Globe Library.