The Music Team

School Music team

The music provision is given mainly through staff based at Gallions Primary School. Some are permanent staff members and some are freelancers with a particular specialism.

Here are some of the amazing team who work directly with children to enhance their musical education:

Any Wood

Amy has led the curriculum at Gallions as Deputy Headteacher since 2014. She was inspired by the exceptional music curriculum and has stayed dedicated to continuing to grow and stengthen this incredible part of the school. Amy was fortunate to have a rich musical upbringing and valued opportunitites to learn an instrument, to perform, to be creative and engage with many genres of music. She sees the positive impact music has on the pupils and is excited to continue providing musical opportunities for every child at Gallions.  

Aimee Gardner

Aimee has been involved with Music Education at Gallions for over 20 years. She understands it inside out.

Emma Cornet

Emma had a very rich musical upbringing playing the piano, cello, flute, recorder and singing. After studying Performing Arts at University, Emma worked for a few years in Charity fundraising before realising that life without much music in it wasn’t for her. On returning to music Emma discovered the Kodaly approach to music as well as Colourstrings. Emma has worked on and off at Gallions for 16 years whilst leaving to have her 4 children. The enthusiasm and passion of the children and staff at Gallions keep her coming back. She currently teaches years 2-6 musicianship and leads the choir and orchestra. 

Photo and summary

Gemma (double bass)

Gemma - Double bass teacher

Gemma started the cello at 9, along with piano and clarinet. She completed her Masters in cello performance at Trinity College of Music, and developed her approach to the Kodaly method, a key part of the Colourstrings methodology. Teaching has always been central to Gemma’s career, whether on cello or double bass, and she started teaching at Gallions in 2009. She likes giving children the technical and musical foundation to master a stringed instrument. Her favourite thing about Gallions is the enthusiasm and enjoyment the pupils at the school bring to their music lessons.

Cameron (cello)

Cameron Smith is a freelance cellist. A graduate of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, he studied under Joely Koos. Upon receiving his Bachelor of Music with Honours, he continued his studies under Tim Gill. He has performed in some of the country’s most prestigious venues, with his work being aired on radio and TV. Cameron is passionate about bringing cello to the next generation of musicians and has taught at Gallions Primary School since 2018.  


Becky teaches the violin at Gallions and has helped over 46 children learn the violin so far. She likes it best when they begin to be able to play a tune by ear. That’s when she knows they have “got it!”


Bettina is a professional viola player. She moved to London 10 years ago, after winning a full scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music. Since graduating, she has been busy performing in various venues and teaching children of all ages. Bettina is originally from Hungary, so grew up with the Kodaly method of teaching and is delighted to be passing on her expertise to another generation.

Dominic (violin)