Whether donating £1 or £100, your donation will make a huge difference to the work of the Gallions Music Trust. Instead of spending money on employment and administration costs, every penny goes directly into providing equipment, training and high quality musical activities to bring local people together and raise aspirations. Scroll down to find out about the types of projects your donation will fund, or click the button below to donate online



What can £1 a month buy nowadays? A couple of newspapers, perhaps? £5 covers a box of chocolates, and £10 each month pays for a lottery ticket every Saturday.

If you’re thinking that money doesn’t seem to go very far any more, think again. At Gallions Primary School, a donation of £1 per month buys a music stand, or the essential accessories a child needs to play a string instrument; the strings, rosin and music. £5 a month completely covers the cost of a violin or an entire term of instrumental lessons for a child, and £10 every month allows a child with special educational needs to work closely with a music therapist throughout the year. Please sign up with a regular donation today; it will go further than you could imagine.



In September 2013, the Musical Footsteps Bursary Scheme was launched by the Gallions Music Trust to offer children recognised for their dedication to musical learning the opportunity to receive additional instrumental tuition at minimal or no cost. The scheme is thriving with 18 children currently receiving extra lessons, the vast majority of whom would otherwise be unable to afford additional lessons, and there is a growing waiting list.



Each year, 8 and 9 year old children from Gallions are given the opportunity to work closely with professional musicians for several weeks to create works of music inspired by India, learning about the country’s history, geography, culture and cuisine. As well a giving a performance of their work to parents and the local community, the children have the opportunity to perform to the public in a professional concert venue – an incredible experience for all involved. This project is funded by the Gallions Music Trust.