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Inspire children to love music

Gallions Music Trust is a charity that enables children to experience and love all types of music,no matter what their background. Since 2008, we have helped music to transform the community we work in, and you can be part of that journey.

Giving the Gift of Music

We believe all schools should offer music in such a way that children are excited to be a part of it. We are a small charity and can’t make that happen everywhere, but we can make it happen in Beckton with your help! Music education gives children lifelong benefit in terms of numeracy, literacy, confidence, communication skills and – crucially – their wellbeing.


If you would like to see generations of children have the chance to develop their talent and potential, enabling the UK’s music sector to become more diverse, inclusive and reflective of the country as a whole, then you have come to the right place. Our ambition and drive is to be part of a sector that genuinely champions individuals regardless of their starting point in life.

 The creative sector contributes £112 billion to the UK economy every year. In the current focus on STEM subjects, music is at risk of being neglected. We want to give these children every chance to fulfil their potential, be that as a conductor, singer, engineer or virologist.

What will your money do?

Your money will help children like Kenneth to learn to love music and give them an equal chance to experience the joy that music can bring. We use it for the following things:

  • orchestra practise
  • visiting the opera
  • having professional musicians come in for amazing workshops
  • free or subsidised individual instrumental lessons for gifted students

Boy playing double bass