Year 6 Full Circle Performance at the Royal Albert Hall!

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In November a group of Y6’s were involved in an 8 week project with Newham Music and Lister Community school which saw hundreds of children from different schools around Newham perform together at the Royal Albert Hall.

It was an amazing occasion here are the thoughts of one of our Y6’s Aanya on the performance at the Royal Albert Hall:


For the first time ever, some lucky Year 6 children went to the Music For Youth proms (MFY) at the Royal Albert Hall! They performed in front of hundreds of people on the 12th of November. All of these children had to learn four songs written by Newham pupils from Lister Secondary: We stick like bricks, Unbreakable lines, Now I can do anything and the finale song The future is Us. Thinking back on this wonderful experience, these songs were very inspirational.

It wasn’t scary performing in front of a large audience  because I realised that many other people were also beside me. It encouraged me to keep on singing and not to be afraid. I loved the songs as three of them were very motivation, however one of them was sad.


I would love to do this again. I want to have the same feeling again like I had when I was on stage. It was a great experience for all Year 6 children.

Creative Schools Symposium 2020 Choir Performance

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The Creative Schools Symposium takes place every two years at Stratford Circus bringing arts organisatioins together with schools to see how they can work together to run creative projects for children in schools. Gallions were invited to give a performance during the break and the Y4s and a handful of Y5s from choir came down to perform.

The choir performed 3 songs including a wonderful rendition of Hallelujah with Choir lead Emma adding some cello to the children’s voices to heighten the experience for those watching.

Given the unusual performance setting and number of adults they were performing to the children did an exceptional job wowing the crowd. They gave a lovely performance that everyone really enjoyed. Great performance experience for the children.

Thank you Creative Schools Symposium and Stratford Circus for having Gallions perform.

Newham Show 2019

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For the first time in the school’s history Gallions Primary School were invited to perform at the Newham Show. The two day event in Central Park East Ham saw thousands of locals from around Newham in attendance for the range of activities on offer. The Gallions Senior Choir opened the Children’s Big Top Stage on the Sunday with an Accapella performance. There was a big crowd for the children and the stage was out of this world with smoke machines and lighting that the children had never experienced. The Senior Choir delivered a performance fitting of the stage and were so excited after their performance having never experienced anything like that before. We will be aiming to ensure that the Gallions choir will be a permanent fixture at the event moving forward.


Beckton Globe Cultural Festival

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On Wednesday 17th July the library held an event celebrating the cultural diversity of Beckton through a variety of arts, crafts and food. The junior choir were invited to perform and represent Gallions. As always the children took to the stage and delivered a professional performance to the crowd that had everyone smiling, laughing and cheering. Afterwards parents and children stayed to enjoy the food on offer and of course the bouncy castles!

It was another brilliant example of children going out into the community and representing the excellence that takes place at Gallions.