We believe every child should receive a full and inspiring music education throughout their childhood. For that reason, music starts at pre-school, age 3, and continues right through until they leave at age 11.

In the early years and throughout their time at the school, the children have music classes that encourage them to sing, rhyme, play, and have fun.

Early Years

We develop the confidence to make lots of music in these early years lessons. We feel the beat in our feet, move, find rhythms in words and learn fun songs. These sessions are led by music specialists qualified in the respected Kodaly approach which focuses on the development of a child’s musical understanding and enjoyment through activities involving singing, movement and rhythm.

Primary age

Singing and musicianship lessons for this age group are aimed at developing children’s confidence to sing and make music. Children find their voice and learn how to use it well. We feel the beat and make rhythms using words and rhythm names. We learn to pitch match and to sing in tune using singing names and hand signs. As we progress, we start to read music notation and play memory games to reinforce what we learn. We play, sing, listen, think, hear in our heads, tap, clap, give solo answers, and improvise. Lessons are fun, age-appropriate and progressive.

children making music